Welcome to Dyne Technology Ltd  your Local UK Atmospheric PlasmaVacuum PlasmaCorona Treatment and Surface Testing Equipment Supplier. 

Dyne Technology help solve the problems of adhesion for manufacturing industry throughout the UK and Ireland using atmospheric plasma treatment, vacuum plasma treatment and corona surface treatment equipment.  

Please take a look around our website and learn a little more about what Dyne Technology can offer you. We also welcome you to come visit our state-of-the-art customer centre first-hand.

Plasma surface modification provides an economical solution for the cleaning and activation of component surfaces before further processing.

If your problem is.....

  • getting a good adhesive bond to plastics or metals
  • getting printing ink to adhere
  • getting metals super clean
  • getting liquids to wet surfaces
  • measuring surface properties of plastics

Then the team at Dyne Technology are sure they can help you or may know someone who can.  

Our 4 core areas aimed at supporting our customers are: - 

 Dyne Technology

 Dyne Customer Support

 Dyne Testing


 Dyne Automation

We also have experience in and supply Janome Industrial Equipment for Assembly Automation including manual and automatic Screw Feeders, Servo Press, SCARA robot and the JR2000N Desktop Robots.

Watch our short plasma surface equipment films by clicking on the links below:

Atmospheric Plasma

Vacuum Plasma

Atmospheric Plasma Treatment Equipment, Vacuum Plasma Treatment Equipment, Corona Treatment Equipment, Leak Detection Equipment and Flame Treatment Equipment that are efficient, affordable and environmentally friendly are all supplied by Dyne Technology to companies manufacturing plastic & rubber components. Read more here


 Dyne Testing

Visit our Dyne Testing Division for Surface Test & Measurement Equipment including dyne pens, dyne test fluids, optical tensiometers, adhesion test equipment & paint test equipment. 


Dyne Technology Ltd is proud to support local Lichfield small business -  ACL Business Support Ltd

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