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Available in 2 sizes (1mm and 2mm), allows an assessment of the
adhesion resistance of coatings to separation from substrates when a
right-angled lattice pattern is cut into the coating and penetrates through
to the substrate. Can be used on multiple coatings. Precision-ground,
hardened tool steel cutting blades with 6 cutting sides so when 1 cutting side
becomes blunt there are a further 5 cutting sides to use.
Directions for use: Make one cutting pass through to the substrate. This makes
6 cuts in the coating. A second pass at 90º makes a square lattice pattern.
Apply Adhesive Tape over the cut lattice section & within 5 minutes remove
tape. Classify the cut area with a Viewing Lens according to the relevant
national standard classifcation guide.
Complete kits with viewing lens and tape
1mm Cross Hatch Cutter Kit, for coatings up to 60μm thick
(supplied in carrying case)
2mm Cross Hatch Cutter Kit, for coatings over 60μm thick
(supplied in carrying case)
Cutters only
1mm Cross Hatch Cutter, for coatings up to 60μm thick
(supplied in carrying case)
2mm Cross Hatch Cutter, for coatings over 60μm thick
(supplied in carrying case)
Adhesion Test Tape 60m Roll (ISO2409)
The Hydraulic Adhesion Tester measures with ease and precision the adhesion
bond strength of applied coatings. It is one of the most accurate & versatile
manual adhesion testers currently available.
The adhesion is measured by the tensile pull on a Dolly glued to the coating
surface. The force is applied through the centre of the Dolly by a hydraulically
loaded pin ensuring an exact central point loading of the force. Adhesion
values are recorded by a pressure gauge giving a 1:1 pressure reading.
This testing equipment offers effective quality control with a non-destructive
capability and can be tested on both external & internal surfaces of pipes.
Supplied with 5 Flat Dollies, Adhesive, Dolly Remover & Carrying Case.
Complies with ISO 8780-5, ISO 787/16, ASTM D 332 & ASTM D 387
Versions available: Standard Version 0 – 2600 psi
Right-angled Version 0 – 2600 psi