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How does it work?
Compressed air is passed through a cylinder and nozzle assembly and subjected
to a strong electrical feld that ionises most of its atoms. The resulting super ionised
air or Atmospheric Plasma is ejected through the nozzle tip and can be used for
surface modifcation or surface cleaning.
Key Features:
Potential free discharge
Allows treatment of both conductive and non
conductive surfaces.
High power plasma output
High processing speeds of up to 400 m/min.
Choice of nozzle tips
Round and Oval nozzle tips are available to
suit processing needs.
Plug and Play installation
Easy to integrate into new or existing
production lines.
No adjustments or fne tuning required after
Independent nozzle operation option.
Simultainuous nozzle operation option.
Multiple nozzle confgurations
From 1 to 4 nozzles can be powered from a
single generator.
Built in monitoring
Alarm output should discharge power drop
below the preset level.
Nozzle mounting choices
Fixed nozzle (moving part).
Moving nozzle - ”X” ”Y” Machine.
Moving nozzle - linear actuator.
Moving nozzle - multi axis robot.
Technical Specifcations
Mains voltage & frequency:
100 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz.
Output power:
approx 500W/nozzle.
Ramp up time:
5 - 30ms, depending on power load.
Shut down time:
< 1ms.
Interface control & connectivity:
16 pole “Phoenix” PLC interface.
Nozzle cable:
fexible, robot proof hose (1.8m).
Nozzle weight:
approx 900g ( not including cable).
Treatment width:
6 -14 mm depending on nozzle type.
Compressed air supply:
5 - 6 bar, clean & dry.
Air consumption:
35 - 50 L/min.
Regulation compliance:
CE, WEEE & RoHs.