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What is Corona?
Corona is a visible electrical discharge which occurs when a high voltage, high
frequency electrical potential is applied to a small diameter electrode in relatively
close proximity to an electrical ground. The resulting electrical discharge is known
as a “Corona Discharge”. This corona discharge will cause partial ionization of the
surrounding atmosphere and can be used for surface modifcation.
How does Corona Treatment work?
To obtain good adhesion to materials that have a low surface energy i.e. low or
non-polar materials like PP, PE, HDPE etc. we create a high voltage, high fre-
quency electrical discharge or corona discharge in close proximity to the part to
be treated. This high energy corona discharge is attracted to the material severing
the molecular bonds on the surface. These severed bonds are now free to attach
to free radicals and other particles that exist in the highly active corona discharge
environment. The resulting formation of additional polar groups on the material
surface have a strong chemical attraction to inks, paint, coatings, adhesives etc.
leading to signifcantly enhanced surface energy and therefore adhesion.
What Corona can do for you.
Dyne Technology supplies Corona Treatment solutions to improve the surface
energy of plastic and rubber parts prior to the application of paints, printing inks,
adhesives, coatings, sealants etc. Corona surface modifcation equipment is widely
used throughout a diverse range of industries and onto an ever increasing range of
substrates. Our growing list of customers includes many in the following industries:
medical, automotive component, electronics, electrical cable, extrusion, ophthalmic
lenses, pipes, tubes and many more. Through our many years of experience and
continuous product development we have become one of the leading suppliers of
Corona Surface Modifcation equipment.
Whatever your equipment needs are in the feld of Corona Surface Modifcation,
Dyne Technology is here to help you fnd the most appropriate surface modifcation
technology and equipment to solve your problem.
Components processed:
• Conductive & non-conductive
narrow webs
• Electrical cables
• Pipes & Tubes
• Medical devices
• Automotive components
• Board & Foam
• 3D parts
• Extruded profles
• Domestic appliances
• And many more……
Materials processed:
• PP
• PA
• PC
• Composites
• Acrylics
• Films
• And many more………
Surface modifcation prior to:
• Bonding/Gluing
• Coating
• Laminating
• Labelling
• Painting
• Flocking
• Printing
• Sealing
• Over moulding
• Gasketing
• And many more…….
Industries served:
• Automotive
• Manufacturing
• Injection moulding
• Extrusion
• Electrical
• Medical device manufacture
• Research establishments
• Universities
• R&D Departments / Test labs
• And many more……….