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Systems Engineering:
Dyne Technology’s experienced and dedicated team of engineers are committed to creating strong and lasting
relationships with our customers by fully understanding their needs, maintaining a close working relationship and
carefully managing projects through to a successful conclusion.
Working in close co-operation with our partners and key suppliers we can provide complete production cells or
modify/update existing facilities. We provide value for money solutions that meet the technical and commercial
requirements of our customers.
Our system building capabilities include:
The Dyne Technology service team offers a comprehensive range of support services designed to increase your
productivity and performance. We aim to assist our customers during various stages of productivity:
Development phase support:
• Process Development, Equipment Evaluation
• Consultancy
• Training
• Testing, Pilot Production
• Equipment Rental
Introduction phase support:
• Installation, Commissioning
• Training, Start-up Support
• Robot programming
Production phase support:
• Service, Spares & Repairs
• Training & Documentation
• Testing
• Maintenance agreements
• Productivity & process improvement support
• System upgrades and modifcations
• Mechanical system design
• Electrical system design
• Panel build and PLC programming
• System build
• Pre-delivery testing
• Installation, Commissioning and Training
Our core lab services include Surface Energy Testing, Surface Tension Testing, Plasma Surface Modifcation and
Corona Surface Modifcation prior to bonding, coating, painting and printing. Our UK Laboratory is equipped with a
wide range of high performance surface treatment and measurement technologies including:
• Low frequency Corona
• High Frequency Corona