Page 3 - Surface Energy Testing

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Compact CCD camera based instruments for measuring contact angles of
liquids on solids and Free Surface Energy of solids. FireWire interface to PC
makes the instrument extremely fast, yet easy to install. Powerful drop shape
analysis software makes the measurements user independent and error free,
ensuring reproducible results. The Contact Angle Meter is an accurate, simple,
and easy to use, yet extremely powerful instrument. Designed for industrial,
QC, education and R&D applications these instruments set a new standard in
contact angle measuring technology.
For highly accurate and easy measurements of:
• wettability
• contact angles
• surface free energy
• absorption
• adsorption
• spreading
• cleanliness
• surface heterogeneity
• surface tension*
• interfacial tension*
*requires extended software for “DyneX” Lite
“DyneX” CAM Lite
“DyneX” CAM
Measuring range
0...180°, 0.01...999 mN/m 0...180°, 0.01...999 mN/m
± 0.1°, 0.01° mN/m
± 0.1°, 0.01° mN/m
Maximum sample size
W unlimited x L 200 x H
50mm (with stage)
W unlimited x L 180 x H
225mm (H 95mm with stage)
Frame interval
100 ms(16 ... 1000 ms with
extended software)
2...1000 ms
512 x 480 pixels
512 x 480 pixels
Max. measuring speed
10 frames/sec (60 frames/sec
with extended software)
60 frames/sec (420 frames/
sec with high speed camera)
Firewire digital camera
Firewire digital camera with
zoom optics
Light source
LED based background
LED based background
H 310mm, W 130mm,
L 495mm
H 590mm, W 200mm,
L 740mm
Weight (basic frame)
5 Kg
7.3 Kg
Power supply
100...240 VAC
100...240 VAC
50...60 Hz
50...60 Hz
Technical specifcations: