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Wide Web Corona Treating Station
This wide web corona treatment system is designed for the fexible
packaging and printing industry and gives increased surface energy on webs
manufactured from a variety of materials including; paper, plastic, metalised
flm and foil. This type of corona treating system can be supplied to treat
either one or both sides of the web and will accommodate widths from 500
to 2000mm running at production speeds of up to 150m/min.
The compact design enables the equipment to be easily installed in new or
existing extrusion, printing, coating and laminating lines. The system includes
a high frequency corona generator, high voltage transformers and an ozone
flter system if required.
‘Easy-ft’ cartridge electrode system.
‘Multi-fn’ electrode elements, which results in high effciency treatment
across the full width.
Segmented ‘Multi-fn’ electrode elements, for quick adjustment of different
web widths or treatment patterns.
Ceramic electrode elements, to allow treatment of conductive and
non-conductive materials.
Air gap adjustment with calibration, to give secure and uniform treatment.
All materials used are resistant to corrosion and easy to maintain.
All units conform to CE regulations and carry CE mark.
Our wide web treater combines simple operation with superb performance.
The high voltage transformer can be mounted directly on to the treating station,
removing the need for trailing high voltage cables.
Treatment widths from 500mm to 2000mm.
Electrode systems for either conductive or non-conductive materials.
Single or double side treatment in a single pass.
Run from standard 240Volt,13Amp socket outlet.
Pneumatic opening to allow easy web threading.