All NEW PlasmaTEC-X Atmospheric Plasma System

  • Air Plasma Treatment
  • Plasma Nozzle Surface Treatment
  • Plasma Jet Treatment
  • Multi Plasma Nozzle
  • Atmospheric Plasma Surface Modification
  • Robotic Plasma Cell
  • Atmospheric Plasma
  • Multi Air Plasma Nozzle


The PlasmaTEC-X is over 50% smaller than traditional Atmospheric Plasma systems, saving all-important floor space while being the most intelligent, efficient and effective Atmospheric Plasma Treatment system supplied by Dyne Technology.

Although small in size, the PlasmaTEC-X boasts plug and play technology with fast ramp up times; the unit’s high technology features ensure ease of integration into your production facilities. With the unique ability to operate eight Plasma Nozzles from one control unit and with supply cables reaching up to 8 meters, the PlasmaTEC-X offers flexibility to fit perfectly within your manufacturing process.



 Why choose PlasmaTEC-X?

Easy Integration

  • Plug and play let's you start treating quickly
  • Fast exchange nozzle assembly
  • Cable length from two to eight metres
  • Operate up to eight Plasma nozzles from one control box
  • Small footprint, high performance

Boost your Manufacturing Output

  • All new boost mode boosts Plasma output by up to 50%
  • This is perfect for high line speeds and those requiring high levels of surface modification or cleaning
  • Automatically adjusting air pressure ensures the unit is constatly running at it's optimum performance levels

Intelligence in Your Hands

  • The unit is equipped with an easy to set up timer mode, perfect for integration with automation
  • Operate all nozzles independently or simultaniously, giving you control over your manufacturing process
  • Remove the guesswork from consumable replacement; The intelligent PlasmaTEC-X monitors wear on consumable parts, letting you know when to replace them. This minimises unexpected downtime and can reduce costs as you only replace parts when necessary


Find a solution to your problem today

Whether you refer to it as Atmospheric Plasma, Air Plasma, Plasma Jet or even Plasma Nozzle, it is clear to see why plasma surface activation is gaining a great deal of momentum within manufacturing industries.

Plasma Treating provides a flexible and innovative solution to solving the problems of adhesion. Whether you are seeking surface activation of plastics and rubbers or surface cleaning of glass, metals or ceramics, plasma treatment may offer a solution to your problem.

If you’re having problems with adhesion or surface cleaning and think plasma treating could be a viable solution for you, please get in touch with the UK and Irelands most experienced partners and trusted advisors here at Dyne Technology and let’s see if we can help.

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