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Corona Treater Sleeves

Dyne Technology  supply a wide range of Silicone rubber corona treater sleeves ranging in diameters from 50mm to 200mm and in a selection of wall thicknesses to suit your corona treatment unit. Our range of silicone sleeves are designed to give a high level of electrical, chemical and thermal resistance, a detailed specification is set out below. To order new silicone sleeve for your corona treatment unit simply give us the following information:
 - Treater sleeve inside diameter in mm
 - Treater sleeve wall thickness in mm
 - Treater sleeve length in mm
 ......and we will do the rest.
Silicone Treater Sleeve - Physical Properties

 Test  Range
Test Standard
 Hardness  60 – 70 Shore A  ASTM D2240
 Specific Gravity  1.16 - 1.24 g/cm³  Electronic analysis
 Tensile Strength  6.0 N/mm² Minimum  BS 903/A2
 Elongation  250 % Minimum  BS 903/A2
 Tear Strength  15.0 kN/m Minimum BS 903/A3

 Temperature Range  -50 up to 200°C  
 Compression Set % tba  BS 903/A6
 Colour  Any  
 Dielectric Strength  20 kV/mm  
 Volume Resistivity  1015 Ohm/cm  
 Dielectric Constant  2.9 - 3.2  
 Power Factor 0.003  

 Cure Conditions
Physical properties are measured using a 2.5mm test sheet (6.0mm for hardness), cured under the following conditions: - 5 minutes press cure @ 116+/-5°C.    No post cure
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