Surface Treatment and Measurement Training Course

  • Training facilities in Lichfield
  • Training facilities in Lichfield
  • Training facilities in Lichfield
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One-day Training Course held at the Technology Centre in Lichfield, Staffordshire.  Delegates learn the fundamentals of surface energy, surface tension and how to improve bond performance to plastics and rubber.

Learn about the ideal surface properties needed to ensure optimum adhesion is achieved and  how to achieve better adhesion to low surface energy materials e.g. P.P., P.E. and other similar low surface materials where printing inks rub off, glued parts fail, gaskets and seals won’t bond and paint & coating will not adhere.  These problems are experienced throughout the automotive, medical device, printing industries and in fact any industry that has to bond, print, or coat plastic or rubber components.  These problems are becoming widely commonplace with the increase in usage of polyolefins.

Dyne Technology presents this training course with a host of knowledge and experience from working in the surface treatment industry.  With over 35 years experience Dyne Technology has helped many manufacturing companies throughout the UK and Ireland and with great passion and eagerness to help, Dyne Technology is widely recognised as the company people are turning to to help solve their problems of adhesion.

Realise the full benefits of your equipment, reduce production costs and increase employee motivation through professional training.

Dyne Technology Ltd has established a Training Facility at its Lichfield site.  Providing training courses for customers and distributors this reinforces our commitment to be more than a supplier, but also a Technical Partner of the Surface Treatment Industry.

Dyne Technology Engineers have prepared a standard training course covering theoretical and hands-on training in surface treatment and surface measurement utilising our wide range of Plasma Treating, Corona Treating and Surface Measurement Technologies.


Standard Course Title:  Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment


  • 21st April
  • 19th May
  • 23rd June
  • 22nd September
  • 20th October
  • 24th November

For more information on the training course please download the pdf below.Custom courses can also be prepared to customer requirements and can be run onsite or offsite.

The Dyne Technology Centre has a well equipped laboratory hosting all the latest equipment in Plasma treatment, Corona treatment, Surface Energy Measurement testing and has a modern, comfortable training room.

Our Training Course Registration Form can be found here

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